We deliver high-quality products by using a three-dimensional measuring device.
We prepare data by CAD/CAM before the actual processing, and then we perform highly precise processing with our machining center. After processing, we also perform dimensional measurement by using a three-dimensional measuring device.

Characteristics of our plastic resin processing

Through plastic resin processing that uses various resins, such as ABS, PC, POM, and acryl, we make products according to our customers’ requests. In addition, we also produce photo fabrication parts.
We process various plastic products for two main purposes: first, as products produced in small volumes as prototypes to confirm shapesas master models of casting under vacuum and plaster casting.
We receive data in the form of various media, such as IGES, DXF, Parasolid, and STEP.
Compressed data are created by using LZH/ZIP.

Samples of plastic products
Plastic-2 Plastic-1 
Plastic-3 Plastic-4

Manufacturing process for processing that uses resin (such as ABS resin)
We prepare data by CAD/CAM before actually beginning any processing with ABS resin, aluminum, or other materials. Furthermore, we perform precise processing of resin or aluminum by using our machining center. Finally, after processing, we perform dimensional inspections by using a three-dimensional measuring device.